Reciprocity 2018-2019

The Retreat

Asylum Arts, in collaboration with the American Jewish University’s Institute for Jewish Creativity is co-presenting the third Reciprocity, a Los Angeles Jewish Artist Retreat for local practitioners. Reciprocity has created a network for community development and strengthened the local cultural ecosystem. Reciprocity 2017 will take place from April 7-10, 2019. During this intensive three-day program, thirty Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary emerging Jewish artists will learn from local professionals, community leaders, Jewish educators, and from one another.

Reciprocity aims to empower artists to explore collaboration and innovative ways in order to build an integrated artist community and facilitate a nuanced conversation about Los Angeles’ unique culture and identity. We hope to foster an artist community founded on reciprocity, collaboration and inclusivity to build the Los Angeles Jewish cultural landscape. The program does not end at the conclusion of the retreat. After the retreat, each artist benefits from IJC facilitated community-based opportunities and becomes part of a global network of artists through the Asylum alumni community.


Logistics and Program

We will meet at AJU’s Brandeis-Bardin Campus, a historic location that has hosted Jewish artists and luminaries for over 60 years.  Meeting at this magnificent 2,700 acre retreat center in Simi Valley, away from the distractions of our day-to-day lives, nurtures an environment dedicated to learning, creativity and growth.  Each participating artist must commit to attending the entire retreat period, from Sunday to Tuesday, as it is essential to the goals of both communal and professional development.


Our faculty includes master teachers from the arts, community building, and exploration of Jewish identity and wisdom. We will also discuss opportunities available to Jewish artists in Los Angeles.  Additionally, each artist will share his or her creative work with the community.


While our retreat is subsidized, we ask each participant to pay a $50 fee to demonstrate commitment to our program and its goals.





We are looking for LA based artists only who demonstrate a high level of excellence, work professionally in their field, and have a willingness to engage in a learning community and process. Artists should be within the stage of emerging, and generally within the ages of 22-45. 


We are open to all artistic disciplines, including visual arts, theater, performance, video, cinema, new media, dance, written media, music, etc . We are looking for people who are interested in exploring Jewish and artistic identity, and we consider "Jewish artist" to be a term that means many different things.

Applications are now closed. Artists will be notified about their acceptance in late January.

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